Since2000 Professional  Skin Therapist

It is paramount you let us know about any sore spots, so we can help focus on those particularly tender areas. Always feel free to explain your tolerances and soreness with our therapists. It helps us do our job, and helps you walk away feeling cured!

Lymph massage is an effective alternative treatment that helps restore the body to its optimal health.

We at K Salon beauty activate your muscles and tendons that are impaired, damaged, tight or immobile. Our massage can provide a healing treatment that can have effects on the whole body.

Our Relaxation Massage is designed with one goal in mind, to loosen your body muscles and help you fall into a deep sleep. We understand why customers prefer to choose the relaxation massage, and we strive to fill exactly the way you want it.

Aroma Body Massage

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Relaxation Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

$110 | 60mins  / $300(5Sessions)

$120 | 60mins / $350(5Sessions)

Deep Tissue Massage +Foot + Scalp

$130 | 70mins / $400(5Sessions)





















   *Not Included gst &  Service charge10%

High Frequency Treatment

High frequency treatment is suitable for those who feel pain often due to aging or circulatory disorders, those who want to control their weight, or those who want postpartum recovery management.

Mainly, one part of the body is selected for treatment.

NeckㆍShouldersㆍAbdomenㆍChestㆍAround ArmpitsㆍArms

Around hipsㆍ Backㆍ Thighsㆍ CalvesㆍWaist

The benefits of massage include 

Improve blood circulation & Cellulite, Weight control, Aches and pains control, Reduced swelling, Reduces anxiety and depression, Better sleep, Better bowel movements, Poor coldness improvement.

$180  | 60mins  / $1500(10Sessions)

High Frequency Treatment 

$220  | 70mins  / $1800(10Sessions)

High Frequency & Suction Treatment

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