Since2000 Professional  Skin Therapist

You'll never have to apply makeup in a rush again. Achieve a fuller look through more defined eyebrows and always look your best.

Natural eyebrow feathering for a natural look and feel. Look and feel great with natural eyebrows shaped to your personal creation and with our expertise.

Impress with natural looking blended powder fill eyebrows. Achieve a more bolder and defined look everyday without having to worry about smudging.

An extremely soft and subtle blended service leaving you looking amazing everyday. Talk to our staff for more information in how to look your best with this advanced technique.

Define yourself through enduring, full, coloured lips. Becoming increasingly popular, permanent lip makeup provides you with an everyday convenience. Always look your best with flexibility. Talk to our staff today.

Semi-Permanent Cometic Tattoo

Eyelines                                                             $350 - Included Free Retouch 

4D Embo Feathering & Shadow Eyebrow   

$450 - Included Free Retouch

4D Embo Feathering Hair Line  (40mm*80mm)

$690 - Included Free Retouch


4D Embo Feathering + SMP         (80mm*120mm)

$1290 - Included Free Retouch  


$550 - Included Free Retouch

Beauty Point


Old design & Discolored Tattoo Cover


Tattoo Removal

                                                                                                             $100 / $300 (5sessions)

        *Free retouches are only valid within 8 weeks.